Tips to Consider Before Showing a Rental Property

July 30, 2020

               Real estate can be a lucrative investment that provides income well into retirement. Real estate investors who intend to rent their properties will have to periodically show them to prospective tenants. The process of showing a rental property begins before such tenants arrive to look at the home. Landlords who want to get the best possible return on their real estate investments can consider these tips before showing their properties.

            If tenants are currently in the property, work with them to ensure the home or apartment is ready to show. Provide advance notice when you will be showing the property so your current tenants have plenty of time to clean up and make arrangements to be elsewhere when prospective renters show up.

            Showings require some prep work. You want to show off your property in the best light, which means you’ll need to clean, stage, and prepare the space. If the unit is empty, you can easily clean the floors, countertops, and appliances to make the space look great in no time. You can also hire a professional cleaning service.

           Address any issues before showing the property, repairs, leaks etc. Failure to do so will give prospective renters the impression that you don’t respond to problems quickly.

              Make yourself available. Landlords should make themselves readily available, answering questions promptly via email, text message, or over the phone if they don’t plan to attend showings.

            Provide details about the property. If you’re utilizing a real estate agent to show the property, then he or she will no doubt create a listing that highlights various things about the home or apartment. This includes the number of rooms, utilities, parking, and other details renters will want to know. If you are showing the property yourself, create such a packet for renters. Rental properties can be lucrative investments. Landlords willing to go the extra mile when showing such properties should be able to attract scores of potential tenants.

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