Transition Smoothly After Relocating

December 31, 2020

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People move for various reason. Some have outgrown their existing homes and need something bigger, while others move to downsize.

Regardless of why people move, moving occurs more often than you might think. The U.S. Census Bureau says one in nine people relocated in 2015 to a new neighborhood, a new state or even across the country. Relocating, whether it’s around the corner or miles away, affects people’s lives in many ways. A smooth transition to a new place involves understanding the process and getting the support necessary to make the move a success.

Research potential destinations:

Give ample thought to where you might live before uprooting yourself and your family if you have one. The career resource, Change Recruitment, suggests using the Internet as much as possible to learn about the location. Sites like Niche, can paint a picture of an area, providing information regarding its demographics, points of interest, schools, and much more. However, an in-person visit will be needed to get a true feel for the neighborhood.

Understand the costs:

Apart from the fees associated with buying a home, relocating involves hiring movers, unpacking belonging, temporary storage rentals, charges to turn on/off utilities, repairs for the new home, and several other expenses.

If you’re moving because of a career opportunity, the company may contribute to some of the moving costs. Check with a human resources professional to determine if the company provides relocation compensation.

Get out and meet people:

Use every opportunity to meet neighbors and people with shared interests. Attend community events and/or school functions. Some employers may have meet-and-greet events. Online services like Meetup list groups of like-minded people who may periodically meet up in your community. The sooner you make friends and acquaintances in your new town or city, the more likely you are to feel at home.

With some planning and a little assistance, relocating can go smoothly.

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