Best Home Improvements to Maximize Return On Investment (ROI)​

Date: July 28, 2022

Looking for the best home improvements to maximize return on investment (ROI) and attract more potential buyers? Deep cleaning, decluttering, and basic yard care are the most impactful and cost-effective choices.

Cleaning is a top priority. 87% of realtors rank cleaning as the #1 most important thing for a homeowner to do before listing their home for sale. Deep cleaning increases a home’s value in the eyes of the buyer.

– Wash windows. Dirt on windows stands out prominently; it can be seen both indoors and out, making it one of the first things potential buyers notice.

– Scrub floors and shampoo carpets. A dirty floor in an otherwise clean room makes the whole room look dirty. Don’t forget baseboards. Cleaning wood floors highlights what most buyers consider a selling point. Clean carpets signal a home is move-in ready.

– Give extra attention to detailed cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms. Clean counters, cabinet faces, appliances, and basins. Buyers like the idea of a clean, ready-to-use kitchen, without any grease and grime from previous owners.

– Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. Remove light fixtures and clear away any dust, debris, and dead bugs. Replace burnt out bulbs. Dimly lit rooms can make a home feel small, uninviting, and dirty, even when it isn’t.

Decluttering and depersonalizing is virtually free and adds an average $2,500 to a home’s value. When you put your home up for sale you want to showcase the house – not the contents or your personality. Personal items are a distraction. Give your buyer’s imagination a blank canvas. Homes packed with possessions feel smaller, are harder to photograph, and take longer to sell.

Basic yard care has an ROI as high as 539%. A freshly mown lawn makes a huge difference in curb appeal. Use an edger to make clean lines. Seed or sod bare spots in the lawn. Prune trees, bushes, and hedges. Remove dead or dying plants. A nice-looking yard gives home shoppers a good first impression.

Buyers’ top priorities are cleanliness, functionality, and energy efficiency, in that order – according to a report by iPropertyManagement. Be sure to keep these elements in mind as you prepare your house for market.



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